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Studying the art of fighting since the age of just 4, Jimmy “The Brute” Crute, now 24 is the culmination of all of his years of dedication.

With a childhood that delved into karate, judo, jiu-jitsu and later kickboxing, it is this varied range of influences that has ultimately made Jimmy the well-rounded and open minded fighter that he is today.

It was when Jimmy started jiu-jitsu (at age 12) however, that his eyes fixed firmly upon the UFC for the first time.

Years later, and commuting up to 16-18 hours per week whilst working full time in Bendigo for training, Jimmy relocated to Melbourne at the age of 18.

Moving from strength to strength under the guidance of Sam Greco, Crute found a formula that has since proved unstoppable, currently training smarter and harder than ever before. And he still does make the round trip to Bendigo once a week to train with his long-time jiu-jitsu coach Stewie Moulden.

It may come as a surprise to some that Jimmy is known as being laid back & relaxed out the cage, however is anything but when the bell sounds.

With a pressuring style, he looks to crowd his opponent, moving forward constantly and giving very little room to land strikes. He simultaneously utilizes his powerful punching combinations and impressive 184cm reach to create a style of fighting that is extremely difficult to combat.

Now standing at 6’2”, it is Jimmy’s elusive striking that shapes as perhaps his most powerful weapon in the years to come.

A man of strong principles, Crute’s core values revolve around loyalty to his team and family and hard work in his training – his pure love of fighting clear for all to see.

After Crute's knock out win over Modestas Bukauskas, Jimmy is now ranked 13th in the light heavyweight divison.

Fighting Stats

  • Record: 12-1-0

  • Division: Light Heavyweight

  • Fights out of: Bendigo, Australia

  • DOB: March 4th, 1996

  • Height: 6'2"

  • Weight: 205lbs (93kg)

  • Reach: 72.4"

  • Stance: Orthodox


11 Wins​


4 Submissions

3 Decisions

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